5 Pin Studios is a New York-based, creative production company. Our goal is simple: create entertaining and stunning programming including commercial, corporate, event and documentary.


More than just a company of video based media platforms, we provide artistic workflow in any scheme of your companies vision, be it photography, graphic design, motion graphics, or website flash design. At 5 Pin Studios, we believe content is king, and that core conceptual design and storytelling leads to the success of any project regardless of budget.


We’ve been around the block. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen or can’t handle. Nothing scares us away and we love a challenge. We dare you to try and give a project we can’t handle.

5 Pin Studios works hard at every stage. Planning and development are two of the many stages in every project. 5 Pin works diligently at every level for any project.

With knowlege and professional grade equipment, 5 Pin can handle any media query. With access to high speed cameras, aerial, green screens and much more, 5 Pin do it all.

5 Pin has the fortune of having some of the top editors in New York. With experience in everything from Red Bull to Pfizer there isn’t a job too big or too small.

Growth is an important part of business. We at 5 Pin love the idea of helping business at any stage of their development. We are there not only to make videos but to grow with you as well.

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